My name is April Federico, a devoted and determined student at Roger Williams University Class of 2021 majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Arts Management. I reside in Bristol, Rhode Island but I grew up in Medfield, Massachusetts. My love for writing began when I was just seven years old. I loved writing fictional stories and poetry. My elementary school teachers even caught on to my proficient writing skills and my fondness for writing. After elementary school, no one really knew how passionate I was about writing. I often felt discouraged. It wasn’t until my first year of college when I rediscovered what I always loved while I was writing for my non-profit organizationΒ The Buddy System: Buddies for Victims of Bullying. My mom had also given me an Inspire Journal filled with inspirational quotes. Since then, I use it to jot down my personal, yet positive, experiences and to even formulate ideas. I decided to bring my love for writing to real world by shadowing the Public Affairs department at Tufts Medical Center, working in Saint Anselm’s Communications and Marketing Office, and was even Editor in Chief for the Odyssey Online.

I’ve always had a broad range of interests: everything from visual arts to history to the sciences to literature to languages. My junior year of high school I received the Karen Klein McNulty Memorial Scholarship awarded annually to an art student. I was given the award based on my courage to portray myself and my personal experiences within my artwork. I’ve loved the arts since then and used it as my creative outlet. That was also when I realized that everyone has some sort of creative outlet.

My goal with my writing is to share my personal experiences but to also change people’s perspective on certain ideas. This will be more than just a blog, but hopefully a source of inspiration through the beauty that is writing. My dream is to publish a book. Call it “Redheaded Ambition,” if you will (; .


Nicknames: AFed, ‘Ril

Pet Peeves: Mean people, bad grammar, when people take my things without asking, chipped nail polish, and loud chewers

Guilty Pleasure(s): Foreign films, Starbucks, red wine, and reading

Favorite TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, and Veronica Mars

Favorite Movies: Any Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe movie, Grease, and Legally Blonde

Favorite Candy: Anything peanut butter, and Twix